Triple Helix Industries 

Quality Policy :

We, at TRIPLE HELIX INDUSTRIES are committed to produce and supply quality finished leathers to the maximum satisfaction of the customers by complying with their specified requirements and other requirements for the products. We shall offer the products at competitive price and constantly improve our processes and Quality Management System.

Triple Helix Industries is committed to develop, produce and market finished leathers in an environmentally responsible manner thus meeting all requirements integrated with continual enhancement of the environmental performance by adopting eco-friendly leather process and measures to control generation of effluents, waste, noise and emissions. Specifically, Triple Helix Industries is committed to

Conserve and optimize utilization of key resources such as water, electricity, compressed air and other manufacturing inputs such as semi finished leather, chemicals and fuels by minimizing waste generation and maximizing recycle and reuse.

Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements related to environment.

Communicate this policy to all persons working for and on behalf of our organization and make the same available to the public.